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STUDY ABROAD DIARY: Seoul, South Korea

Well, after I booked my flight I realized that I'll actually be in Korea for 50 days but I had already set up my URL and it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :D
I will be a sophomore at Rice University this fall. This will be my second time studying in Seoul! I came last summer as a part of the NSLI-Y program. If you have any questions about that program or about study abroad in Korea, feel free to ask me!

I will use this blog to document my studies at Yonsei University and all my adventures this summer. Last summer was the time of my life; I hope this one tops it! The journey starts June 18th! ^^


So Friday was a very very memorable day. 7.29.2011 - Jessica lost her clubbing virginity, with great pleasure. 

I was suppose to go to Lotte World with Stephanie but I found out in the morning, when I was already running late that Nayeon didn’t want to go anymore and I didn’t really know anyone else that was going. Also heard that Stephanie arranged this whole thing so she could hang out with this cute guy from her Korean class… typical Stephanie. Therefore, Nayeon and I decided to just study together instead of going. Lotte World, to me, is sort of a you-have-to-go-at-least-once sort of deal but nothing really makes me want to go twice. I’d rather save my money for Disneyland. 

Didn’t get much studying done but the whole day was in anticipation of clubbing at night. I ended staying in Nayeon and Christine’s room instead of Stephanie’s because I realized that if I didn’t go to Lotte World with her, she’d probably get mad at me and not go clubbing and sleeping in her room would just be awkward. While we were studying though, the cafe played club music and eventually I managed to convince Christine (she goes to MIT!) to go clubbing with me. 

It was Jon’s birthday so people got kind of wild and Jon, of course, got pretty drunk. There were a bunch of people I didn’t know, people that I would have really not cared to have known, but I guess, it is better to go clubbing with people that party and truly enjoy it. Met the skanky Nayeon from Bus C, the one that I blogged about previously, except I didn’t know her name was Nayeon. There was also Rachel, who I think was the other girl raving about that guy’s arm muscles with Nayeon at Jeju. She was nice though and she didn’t drink. A little crazy and loud but really nice. I guess I was too quick to judge. :/ SORRY RACHELLE. But Nayeon is one crazy girl, I think she ended up leaving with some random guy she met… scary and dangerous but she disappeared before anyone could do anything about it. And from her friends’ reactions, this isn’t the first time. 

Anyway, it was Club Day so $20 for all the participating clubs in Hongdae. We went to Barfly in Sinchon first. I am amazed at the fact that girls get in free while guys have to pay $5. And they give everyone free drink coupons. I tried to give my free drink coupons to the birthday boy but he was too busy downing drinks to take them. -__- Anyway, on to Hongdae, we went to NB2 first, then Harlem, then NB1. NB2 was fun and Harlem was pretty good. NB2 had good music and Harlem was fun too. They played some kpop but had a lot more techno (which wasn’t as much fun because I like dancing more to songs with words). By the time we got out of Harlem, it was like 2am I think and we just sat outside for a bit, while all the people that needed to pee, peed and all the people that needed to puke, puked. NB1 was way too crowded. I was smashed up against a speaker box with Kevin and Christine for about 5 minutes before I said, okay, this is stupid, let’s leave. We sat outside talking for a while and at 3am, we decided to call cabs and leave. Took a taxi with Kevin (Kevin is from UCI, Tgu!), Anthony, and Christine that was only $5. Awesomeness. 

Went back to Christine and Nayeon’s (nice Nayeon) room and took a shower and stuff. Nayeon wasn’t there at first and wouldn’t pick up her phone. Eventually she texts back saying she’s with Budi (they like each other and are going on a date tomorrow… SO CUTE) and she brings back ice cream and Budi. There are supposedly very strict rules that guests cannot visit without signing in and cannot stay overnight. There are even stricter rules about how boys are not suppose to be on girl floors and vice versa. So me sleeping over and Budi coming into their room was some serious rule breaking for one night. LOL But yeah, we just talked while Christine skyped her MIT, white boyfriend (he is just as funny as she is and they talk about things like planned parenthood like it’s no big deal). Lots of fun but wahh, ended up sleeping at like 5:56am. Slept until 1pm. 

I woke up earlier but couldn’t really do anything since they were both sleeping. But not long after I washed up, Stephanie calls and reminds Nayeon that they were suppose to go to KBS today. Thing is Stephanie holds a grudge and she is still mad at both Nayeon and me. I don’t even know why Steph wanted Nayeon to go. She brought her other friend and when we were walking to the subway/on the subway, she didn’t acknowledge us at all. Nayeon didn’t really want to go but was too scared of Steph to ditch her twice in a row. As Christine put it, Steph would have probably chopped off Nayeon’s head if she did. 

So I ate lunch with Nayeon, Christine, and Anthony (whom wasn’t going to go to KBS but Nayeon convinced to go so she’d have someone to talk to while Stephanie ignores her), and took the subway with them since we were going the same way. Got home and the internet wasn’t working too well so I decided to go to the Holly’s Coffee in my area and connect to a shady network called dlink. Hope I didn’t get hacked. 

I was suppose to go out with Andrea to Banpo Bridge and shop at Dongdaemun tonight but it ended up being a big group and because they had to wait for everyone, they were like an hour late. I decided that there was no point for me to go if I could only shop for an hour before the subway closes and I have to head back. I’ve already seen the rainbow fountain at Banpo Bridge last year so I’ll just find someone more reliable to go to Dongdaemun with. Or fuck it, I’ll just go by myself. I’m sort of pissed because I had specifically told her that we shouldn’t wait for people, that if they were already out, they should just meet us at Banpo because then we wouldn’t make the show or have enough time to shop. UGH. 

Anyway, this is a really long post. I am going to go study now. On a positive note, I got an email back from my professor saying that my film notes were awesome and that I get an A! YESSSSSS<3 She’s still a crazy psycho though. Anyone from UCI, never take class from Michelle Cho. 

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