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STUDY ABROAD DIARY: Seoul, South Korea

Well, after I booked my flight I realized that I'll actually be in Korea for 50 days but I had already set up my URL and it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :D
I will be a sophomore at Rice University this fall. This will be my second time studying in Seoul! I came last summer as a part of the NSLI-Y program. If you have any questions about that program or about study abroad in Korea, feel free to ask me!

I will use this blog to document my studies at Yonsei University and all my adventures this summer. Last summer was the time of my life; I hope this one tops it! The journey starts June 18th! ^^

This is exactly how ramen gets made at my host family’s house. Exact same stove, exact same pot. 

This is exactly how ramen gets made at my host family’s house. Exact same stove, exact same pot. 

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Isn’t my 12 year old host sister a little too old to be throwing temper tantrums and screaming at her mom at the top of her lungs and slamming doors? It’s only 10am. I am scared to go outside my room because of her. She does this way too often. I have no idea what she is screaming about. 


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Last day in China, first night in Korea!

So here I am, at the Beijing Airport, awaiting my flight to Seoul. Nerve wracking really because I will be staying in someone else’s home for over 6 weeks. Although I have stayed with them before, it is still an inconvenience and it’s not like I am paying them rent. I have this complex about asking people to do things for me, which is why I almost never ask for rides and I’m the one that drives everyone around at home. Hopefully I will be a good guest and be nice and courteous no matter how annoying their children get. 

Sort of nervous for school and everything, especially meeting up with certain friends. And to be honest, I’m pretty nervous about having to speak Korean all the time. I hope that I will do my best to speak Korean when possible and not waste this opportunity. It’ll be fun speaking Korean with Sean though, I think his accent might be worse than mine. :P Nervous but so excited, I can’t even express. Korea is like a better version of China, like China with more American influence! And less people. That’s important. But seriously, there are so many things to do in Seoul, whereas Beijing was more of just walking around and window shopping. :] 

And I am so excited to give my host family their presents. Because I know them better, I think they will like them more this time around. My host mom is already talking dramas to me. Apparently, they have been watching The Greatest Love and can’t wait to watch it with me. Hahaha, I should catch up on that before the last two episodes show this week. Then I will rewatch those episodes with eng sub. Maybe I will get my host mom hooked on Lie to Me like I got her hooked on Personal Preference. :D HEHE SO EXCITED. ONLY A FEW MORE HOURS<3

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